Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random Thursday

*  Next time I decide to make jam, I will find a fruit that is available when it isn't 100-plus degrees......
 *  Even with air conditioning, do not underestimate how much ceiling fans help
*  When making something like "brandied apricot preserves," it's probably best not to think about the fumes that are going to hit when the directions call for boiling the alcohol IN the jam for 5 minutes:
*  I have given up on recipes that say "boil until.........."  The brandied apricot preserves never passed the "sheeting off the spoon" test, but they are my first attempt that didn't end up as a solid gumdrop-in-a-jar.  Whatever texture I didn't get, I still got some sugary spread with fruit that one can actually get out of the jar.  I'm calling that a "win."

* It's over 100 degrees again today and smoke from fires here and in Oregon and Montana have made outside completely miserable.  The garden is on its own.

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