Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Is Never Too Old For Winnie The Pooh

I finally figured out how to borrow audio books from our library and play them on my phone, which was VERY exciting.  The first book I checked out?  Winnie The Pooh.  It was always a favorite when I was a child, but I hadn't read it since, and it is still utterly charming.  The best kid's books usually are.  I had never read Anne of Green Gables, so borrowed the audio book a couple years ago, and just loved it.  I haven't finished the series, but have finished the first two books.  How did I miss this growing up?

I have been reading some of the Famous Classics of children's literature since starting the 100-books-a-year challenge (and I swear it isn't just because I occasionally fall behind), and have mostly been charmed.  Admittedly, I found the original Pinnochio by Carlo Collodi a rather bizarre book with a seriously unlikeable puppet and personally prefer the Disney version, but Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was such fun that I had Andy read it as well, and recently finished Mary Poppins, and was surprised, having always heard how much P.L. Travers hated the movie, how faithful Disney was to the original story.  Compared to "Frozen," which is supposed to be inspired by the Hans Christen Anderson story, "The Snow Queen," it's down right accurate.  If I hadn't read that there was a connection, I would never have linked "Frozen" with Hans Christen Anderson.  I doubt he would either, actually, as I didn't seen anything from the book IN the movie.

I think I was too old to see anything in Stuart Little, though I bet I would have liked it as a kid.  I still haven't read any of Roald Dahl, Kenneth Grahame, Michael Bond, C.S. Lewis, or Rudyard Kipling.  Who else am I missing?


Ella said...

Michael Ende: "Momo" and "The Night of Wishes" I never read "Neverending Story" so I can't really vote for that one but I loved Momo.

On a side note, the new website design I wrote you about is online.

Jillsknit said...

Scholastic has a top 100 children's books you should check out but one (series) you should check out is Madeleine L'Engle and the A Wrinkle in Time series. Didn't read them till college but loved them.

bittenbyknittin said...

What a great idea! I've been looking for audio books to listen to while knitting/driving but am in "summer reading" mode - don't want anything too heavy. I watched "Saving Mr. Banks" last night - I don't know how accurate it is, but it is an entertaining story about the childhood of P.L. Travers and the making of the movie.

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