Saturday, August 2, 2014


So even with pain pills and riding with someone else, riding in a car for an hour each direction is STILL way to much for my back.  This morning Andy, my cousin, and I drove to a town an hour away to meet up with my sister and her family on their way home from visiting my parents.  My back still hasn't recovered completely from when we drove over to meet my parents for dinner for Father's Day, but we gave it a go anyway.  And then I got to come home and spend the day in bed and in pain.  Ideally, I would have been able to knock myself out and just go to sleep as soon as we got home, but pain pills at that dosage now make my stomach bleed because this has gone on so long. I think we can scratch this off the list of "things I'm willing to do" for a very, very long time. 

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bittenbyknittin said...

So sorry about your continuing back problems, but in this case, the problem may be the car, not your back. Some stores (Walmart? Walgreens?) sell a (cheap) back support thing for riding in the car. I use one on long trips, especially when sitting in the passenger seat, as all the good support features seem to go into the driver's side only. Maybe this would help you? I have a similar problem with my bed - my back aches when I get up in the morning, a sign I need a new mattress. :-(

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