Friday, August 29, 2014

Victoria, B.C. - Day 2

Day 2 we spent mostly walking.  We wandered out to find breakfast, then came back to the hotel so I could do physical therapy,
and enjoy a little time on our balcony.  Surprisingly, it was pretty warm for Victoria being close to 80, and buildings were amazingly warm with the humidity. 

We spent the day wandering in downtown Victoria,
 including the very small Chinatown,
 which had an Indian festival going on.  Small, but diverse, Chinatown.
 We found a terrible restaurant with a great view of the bay for lunch,
 found a new friend,
took a Harbor Taxi tour, which is the only thing we did the whole week that I wouldn't recommend as the rather pricey "tour" also includes shuttling back and forth between hotel taxi stops and was not a very interesting tour in general. 

We called it an early night as I was pretty tired, so while I rested, Andy took some lovely photos of the sunset,
and went out to find a grocery store so we could have peanut butter on toast and fruit for breakfast the rest of the week.  We did pretty well at finding healthy food in Victoria, but eating out 3 times a day is just too much for us even under the best circumstances.

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