Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Sunday Thoughts

*  It's amazing how much less annoying "We want your money" junk mail is compared to the "we want your vote"mail

*  If one likes to bake cookies but doesn't want to keep them around so gives them to everyone ELSE to eat, is that really the spirit of giving or is this just a master plan to get to eat cookie dough?

*   This year our neighborhood joined which is a nice way to find our which neighbors grew too much zucchini, which are paranoid, which need to get out a bit more, and which ones are why we built a fence in the first place.

*  The difference in response to when Ebola first struck in Africa in 1976 killing 151 people and 1 person dying in America this year is a bit embarrassing if one is trying to insist that racism no longer exists in the US....

*  Election season always explains why so many people failed Logic 101 in college

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