Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jersey Boys!

To celebrate my new ability to sit for longer periods of time, Andy and I got season tickets to the Broadway in Boise series this year.  The title is a bit of a misnomer as the first show was "Flashdance," which has never and WILL never make it to Broadway because it really isn't that good, but Saturday afternoon we saw Jersey Boys, which made it all worthwhile.  

is possibly the best sign I've ever seen at a show.  Other states might have accents, but to my knowledge, I don't believe any other state has had its accent classified as a "special effect."

I don't know if it counts as "date night" if it's a matinee, but we spiffed up for it anyway,
 and we even (sort of) took a "selfie!" 
(Seriously, there are no "small" technology achievements when one is over 40)

The show was wonderful.  Really, the entire center was packed and you could feel the excitement and the "buzz" as the show went on.  I only vaguely knew who the Four Seasons were and couldn't have named a single song of theirs, but everyone recognized almost every song and the performers were flawless.  

Not bad for a "date afternoon."

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bittenbyknittin said...

Nice photo of you two! "Jersey Boys" will be here in April; my daughter and I will be there. I'm old enough to know the Four Seasons, she used to dance, so I'm sure we will both enjoy it.

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