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Victoria, B.C. - Day 3


It was a good thing we called it an early night, because we decided to visit Craigdarroch Castle the next day, which would mean 5 miles of walking just to get there and back.  On the way, we happened to be near the Empress Hotel and stopped to ask about their tours.  As it happened, there was one starting within half an hour, so while it seemed a little odd to pay to tour a hotel, we decided to give it a try.  We had discussed having the legendary tea at the Empress, but at $60 a person for a beverage I don't even particularly like, we'd been hemming and hawing, and decided to wait until we saw the place. 

The hotel is lovely, 
 and has some beautiful furniture,
and the tour guides are in costume and aside from it being a tad warm with the humidity, we really enjoyed ourselves.  We opted to skip the tea as I'd already made reservations for tea at Butchart gardens later in the week, and instead wandered off in the direction of the castle, finding a lovely…

Victoria, B.C. - Day 2

Day 2 we spent mostly walking.  We wandered out to find breakfast, then came back to the hotel so I could do physical therapy,
and enjoy a little time on our balcony.  Surprisingly, it was pretty warm for Victoria being close to 80, and buildings were amazingly warm with the humidity. 

We spent the day wandering in downtown Victoria,
 including the very small Chinatown,
 which had an Indian festival going on.  Small, but diverse, Chinatown.
 We found a terrible restaurant with a great view of the bay for lunch,
 found a new friend,
took a Harbor Taxi tour, which is the only thing we did the whole week that I wouldn't recommend as the rather pricey "tour" also includes shuttling back and forth between hotel taxi stops and was not a very interesting tour in general. 

We called it an early night as I was pretty tired, so while I rested, Andy took some lovely photos of the sunset,
and went out to find a grocery store so we could have peanut butter on toast and fruit for brea…

Victoria, BC - Day 1

If one is going to vacation in August, find a place with better weather than what one has to live with.  Leaving 90-100 degree heat leaves a pretty wide open field, but we picked Victoria, British Columbia, because it's two short flights away (still the sitting problem) and a very, very pedestrian friendly town.

This was our first vacation of staying in the same place the entire time, so we picked a family-owned motel right on the ocean and got to wake up to this everyday--
--usually at some ungodly hour thanks to the seagulls screeching at each other, but it was still nice.  We arrived around 1:00, stopped in our room to drop off luggage and take a picture,
and went out to explore.  We were right by Ogden point where the cruise ships coming from Alaska dock for a night in order to skirt American laws and taxes, which is why you see boats in the background. Ogden Point was also hosting Petapalooza,so we stopped for a look and watched an agility demonstration
which was impressive, …