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Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Château Sutton-Goar!
2014 was a big year here at the Château as Andy turned 50 in July and celebrated by running a marathon in June.  While this disqualifies him as a professional party-planner, it was his longest run ever and involved several months of training.  And blisters.

Because there should also be fun associated with a birthday, we had friends over for a big birthday bash in July, and in August went to Victoria, British Columbia for a week.  We had originally planned to take a train trip across Canada, but decided that once the novelty of the train wore off, it was really going to be a week of mostly sitting.  Victoria, on the other hand, is a city built for walking and with some newly acquired mobility(Toni, not Andy), we did just that.  This was our first trip together that involved staying in one place for the entire week, so we found a nice family-owned hotel with a kitchenette facing the beach, which I thought would give us a nice place …

Santa came early......

Santa came early to the Chateau......

What Happens When Andy Is Home Alone During the Holidays........


Jersey Boys!

To celebrate my new ability to sit for longer periods of time, Andy and I got season tickets to the Broadway in Boise series this year.  The title is a bit of a misnomer as the first show was "Flashdance," which has never and WILL never make it to Broadway because it really isn't that good, but Saturday afternoon we saw Jersey Boys, which made it all worthwhile.  
This is possibly the best sign I've ever seen at a show.  Other states might have accents, but to my knowledge, I don't believe any other state has had its accent classified as a "special effect."
I don't know if it counts as "date night" if it's a matinee, but we spiffed up for it anyway,  and we even (sort of) took a "selfie!"  (Seriously, there are no "small" technology achievements when one is over 40)
The show was wonderful.  Really, the entire center was packed and you could feel the excitement and the "buzz" as the show went on.  I only …

Theo has discovered the heating pads

Theo has been a very determined sidekick ever since we got him, and has been quite a loyal little fellow through all the back problems, but THIS week he figured out that the heating pads are REALLY nice and warm. I think we might have taken a turn from "sidekick" toward "usurper. "