Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January at the Gym

I like to walk outside when I can, but
my face can stand about a mile in this sort of weather before going numb.  So, I've been back at the gym, which I try to avoid in January.  No matter how big of a cliche it is, there are always the obligatory wave of New-Year's-Resolutioners and the gym is PACKED.  It's not even a very nice gym, but for just 6 weeks, it probably doesn't matter.  That's how long the regulars are giving them, and it's probably true.  I think a few will stick with it, but it has been sort of entertaining.  Things I've noticed so far:

*  If there is a bottle of "vitamin-enriched" water or something to that effect, it will almost always belong to someone who doesn't work out regularly and isn't working very hard

*   If the hot tub is out of order, one out of three people will still bend down to put their hand or toe in the water.  I counted.

*  The less someone follows the rules, the less likely they are to stick with the gym.  I think exercise is for us "lesser" mortals.

*  The more time people spend just sitting on weight machines, the more likely they are to drop out.

*  The true regulars would surprise people.  One of my favorites--who is there EVERY SINGLE DAY and has been going for years--will be 84 soon.  And he's not on any medications at all.  And he looks like he's in his 70s.  And he'll be there EVERY SINGLE DAY once all the youngsters have dropped out.............

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bittenbyknittin said...

I gave up on (germy) gyms, so to get in my steps, I sometimes resort to the indoor mall. I also have an old treadmill, which is a godsend when I don't want to venture out, like today, when the roads are coated with freezing rain. Ugh.


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