Friday, April 3, 2015


Like everyone, we've been following the news regarding Indiana's new law allowing religion-based discrimination and the backlash.  Some weren't surprising--the big gaming convention "Gen-Con" was pretty obvious as young people are refreshingly unbothered by whom other people choose to love.  Angie's List, Apple, Starbucks--all pretty non-surprising, but this week NASCAR condemned the law as wellNASCAR--pretty much the official sport OF homophobic rednecks.  Man, when NASCAR says your homophobic you have reached the bottom!  They can't even come out and condemn marriages between cousins because of their demographic.  Not that I'm complaining--it is a law condoning discrimination, and hats off to NASCAR--especially since I doubt there are more than 5-6 gay NASCAR fans.......

Well, go NASCAR!

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