Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Plants Are Moving Out!!!!

Historically, our last frost date would be May 10, but history fails to account for the drastic increase in temperatures, so I started moving the plants out of the greenhouse and into the garden yesterday.  The cucumbers and pumpkins were most in need of transplantation,
and most likely to die if the weather forecast was wrong, so what better plants to start with? 

This year I tried starting beans in the greenhouse, and aside from them not having anything to climb, 
 they did really well.  I'm going to see if they can shade my lettuce and spinach a bit--I always see great garden designs with beans growing over things, but so much of the time they just don't grow very well for me.  I wasn't sure if they would handle transplanting, but these are the best-looking beans I've ever grown, so at least I'm doing better than I usually do. 

I am trying to be really conscious of my back, so I promised myself no more than 5-6 plants at a time. 
Which means this could take a while......................

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