Monday, June 22, 2015

The Good And The Bad

While others I know were discussing the "old farmer rules" of planting on Facebook (snow must be off a certain mountain, never before Mother's Day), I looked at how warm the spring had been, the predicted temperatures, and started planting about 3 weeks early--which is pretty much the schedule the fruit trees in the area are on, so it was really perfect.  And
 it is really, really, REALLY working.  We visited a friend's house last night, and his basil is just now coming up--ours is up and going gang-busters.  I could easily start making pesto this week.  But, the downside to all of this is:
 canning season is a month ahead as well.  3 quarts of pickles, 4 pint jars, and 1 pint of dilled green beans.  This is the first year I've ever gotten beans to really grow, and I started them in the greenhouse and they were probably the first thing I moved outside because they just got too big for the greenhouse and any of my containers.  As I've never had good luck with them, I honestly didn't expect them to live.  This, apparently, is the secret, because that little pint of green beans is more beans than I've grown in all other years combined.  Now if they can just survive the over 100 temperatures coming our way NEXT WEEK......

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