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When Your Spouse Gets A New Hobby.......

Andy got a new camera this year, and once in a while there are odd "go stand over there" moments, but most of the time it's just very cool.  He took this picture of the living room looking festive,
and, of course, Theo:
who is nothing if not a ham.  I take pictures of things, but while I can manage not-blurry and actual-representations-of-things, that's as far as I go.

I Think I'm a Holiday Behind...

Though I don't think it's all my fault.  Thanks to Global Warming, our garden was alive until November, so we got things harvested a bit late and with everything else I needed to get done,
the pumpkins got pushed aside.  They do store fairly well, but Monday I noticed one of them was going bad, so yesterday I started on roasting pumpkins. 

Once, in my younger and more foolish days, I used to try to cut through their tough little skins with a knife.  Now I use the easier and FAR more fun bouncing-them-off-the-patio method.  When they're fresh, they don't bounce.  When they've aged a bit, they do, so it can take a couple tries, and is a lovely way to work out frustration....say, that of never getting rid of bronchitis, for instance.

I have also discovered that a grapefruit spoon works REALLY well for scraping the insides clean:
and I can now tell you that our oven has enough room to roast exactly 4 sugar pumpkins at a time.  This was a good thing to figure out before…

Almost There!

I have read 99 books for the year so far.  A lot of them have been audio books, because honestly that is the only way I would ever be able to do this.  And I usually have more than one book going at any time--there's an audio book in the sewing room, one on my phone, and there was one in our bedroom, but I just made the executive decision that if I still don't care for the book on the third disc out of 6, it's time to call it quits.  Besides, there are others.

I've been rereading a lot, which I've always done.  Not everything is worth reading twice, but some things I can read over and over again.  Like this:
This is a 1945 book of Grimm's fairy tales, mercifully before the era when parents decided children were too "fragile" for these tales which have been around for hundreds of years.  I must have read this at least a hundred times growing up, and still know much of it by heart.  To fair, they don't always have morals--I probably wouldn't hav…

It's the Holiday Season

So here in America, within a span of 6 weeks, we have 3 federal holidays and manage to make the entire period a season of parties, shopping, and eating.  Maybe I should mention eating twice, as there's just THAT much food.  I don't care how healthy one tries to be, there just isn't that festive atmosphere about lettuce.  Sad, but true. 

Both trees are up,
I have finished the last gift (I hope, because otherwise this means I have forgotten someone), many things are shipped, and now I need to get cracking on the Christmas letter.  Or holiday letter, in case it's a New Year's thing.  I'm flexible that way.  

Wow, Was That A Full Month?

Here it is already December, and I didn't even get our Thanksgiving picture posted.  This:

is what we did for Black Friday.  We spent the holiday on the ranch with my parents, and visiting my aunt and uncle and cousins.  A really fun time.

Now we're in to the full craziness of December.  And I have shipped gifts!   Not all of them, but most.  In early December.  I am very excited about this.  And surprised, of course, but I prefer not to talk about that............