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January at the Gym

I like to walk outside when I can, but
my face can stand about a mile in this sort of weather before going numb.  So, I've been back at the gym, which I try to avoid in January.  No matter how big of a cliche it is, there are always the obligatory wave of New-Year's-Resolutioners and the gym is PACKED.  It's not even a very nice gym, but for just 6 weeks, it probably doesn't matter.  That's how long the regulars are giving them, and it's probably true.  I think a few will stick with it, but it has been sort of entertaining.  Things I've noticed so far:

*  If there is a bottle of "vitamin-enriched" water or something to that effect, it will almost always belong to someone who doesn't work out regularly and isn't working very hard

*   If the hot tub is out of order, one out of three people will still bend down to put their hand or toe in the water.  I counted.

*  The less someone follows the rules, the less likely they are to stick with the …

Today In Our Neighborhood.........

Now THAT is a sweet tooth!


Today I have:

*  fixed breakfast

*  stretched my hip

*  paid bills

*  practiced guitar

*  tidied the bedroom

*  washed the sheets

*  been to the gym to lift weights and walk/run and hour in the pool

*  fixed lunch

*  folded and put away laundry

Now the snag is that it's only a little after 2:00 and I'm exhausted and ready for bed.



My hip problems have just dominated my life for way too long.  Yesterday Amazon suggested a book called "Hip Licks for Guitar" and my first thought was "Hm, I wonder how the hip is involved..............."

Thank heavens I finally seem to be really getting better.  While I will never actually be the other sort of "hip," at least I could go back to remembering that it exists.............

Catching Up

Wow!  SUCH a busy holiday, and with the exception of our Christmas party which I had to cancel because I caught a very nasty bug making the rounds, I didn't miss anything.  I haven't been able to say that in 4 years.  Whoo hoo!

Speaking of not missing things, I felt my first earthquake today!  Challis, Idaho, is a little town in central Idaho that managed to be built RIGHT over a fault line it seems.  In 1983 they had a quake measuring 6.9, but I missed that one.  It happened in the morning and we were in a car riding to school and knew nothing until we found the entire school loaded onto buses in the center of the football field.  Two weeks ago, Challis had a 3.7 quake, but we're pretty far away for that.  Idaho isn't well-known for quakes, but geothermally, we are rather an interesting state.  We have Craters of the Moon, natural hot springs scattered liberally throughout the state, and we're close enough to Yellowstone for the population to start squirming when …