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Mississippi, You're Welcome

And there I was, thinking there would be less political humor with Jon Stewart retiring:

Idaho lawmaker who sits on pregnancy crisis center board, thinks pills swallowed can end up in the vagina. 
Because we do Stupid well.................

We Went Hiking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're having abnormally warm weather around here, so Sunday we went hiking with friends!  This was a VERY big thing for me obviously, as therapy lately is to get my muscles to adjust to my hip being in slightly different alignment than it's ever been in, so uneven ground was a HUGE test.  Our friends who lined up the hike are big birdwatchers, so we knew it would be a stretch for me but since the pace would be generally pretty slow and I walk a lot, we decided to try.

And, it wasn't actually that slow as the majority of the group were honestly hikers rather than bird watchers, and we ended up going around 7 miles by my guess.  The only really challenging spot was a rocky path where we had to go single file and clime up and down the side of a rocky hillside, and that the only place I was genuinely slower than everyone because I really had to be careful about where I was stepping so as to not twist anything out of whack.  My little-red-riding-hood coat might seem and odd ch…

Happy Valentine's Day