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How To Deal With Spam

I have a new hero:

Seriously, haven't you always wanted to turn around and annoy a spammer or telemarketer?

To Be Sensitive..

Having spent two months coping with bronchitis on and off, THEN having it start turning to pneumonia and 10 days of a nasty antibiotic to get rid of it, what could be more fun than catching a cold?  Seriously, does my immune system do anything? 

After a few days of daytime cold medicine, I changed tactics yesterday afternoon and tried Andy's Sudafed.  I tried the 12-hour once for allergies, and didn't sleep for two days, but thought I could cope with the 4-hour version.  And it did work!  I breathed easier, had a clearer head, and
channeled that legal-amphetamine-hyperactivity into finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorations located, packed, put away, and the winter ones put up and the downstairs cleaned.  Really, I haven't had that sort of energy in two months.  Andy was wishing he were as sensitive to medications as I am--that was sort of handy......:)

Zero For Two

In the past, I've either physically dusted lampshades or rinsed them with water to clean them.  However,
dusting broke the first one, rinsing broke the second, AND the color bled on both of them.  So, we're looking for new lamps/lampshades.

I'm thinking the third option would have just been to replace the blasted things in the first place........

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Château Sutton-Goar

Santa made a surprise appearance at the Château last year, bringing Andy an acoustic parlor (smaller body) guitar and  me a 12-string, so there has been a lot of music here this year—and more than a few discussions about how many guitars two people actually need, though these discussions are quickly scrapped when either the sewing room or the third bay of the garage known as the Wood Shop are mentioned.  No one, however, is allowed to take up the tuba.

Andy has always been interested in photography, and this year purchased a better digital camera to play with.  On one of the first outings with a camera, while Andy tried to get just the right shot of a goose with her gosling, I fended off another goose, presumably her agent, who wanted to A) bite, and B) talk royalties.  A day on the motorcycle with the camera has become a favorite weekend activity for him, and over Thanksgiving he took some wonderful pictures of my aunt and uncle and their famil…