Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To Be Sensitive..

Having spent two months coping with bronchitis on and off, THEN having it start turning to pneumonia and 10 days of a nasty antibiotic to get rid of it, what could be more fun than catching a cold?  Seriously, does my immune system do anything? 

After a few days of daytime cold medicine, I changed tactics yesterday afternoon and tried Andy's Sudafed.  I tried the 12-hour once for allergies, and didn't sleep for two days, but thought I could cope with the 4-hour version.  And it did work!  I breathed easier, had a clearer head, and
channeled that legal-amphetamine-hyperactivity into finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorations located, packed, put away, and the winter ones put up and the downstairs cleaned.  Really, I haven't had that sort of energy in two months.  Andy was wishing he were as sensitive to medications as I am--that was sort of handy......:)

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