Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Taste Didn't Grow Up

Thanks to our library's app, I can download and listen to audio books on my phone, which is the first thing that's made me really happy about upgrading to a "smartphone."  What makes this setup even better is that I can listen to kid's books without anyone knowing.

Yep, I'm 45 and I listen to children's books.

At first it was just the ones that I thought were "classics" but that I had missed:  Pinnochio, Anne of Green Gables, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Then I moved on to the Percy Jackson series that one of our nephews was really into.  Then on to the sequel series.  Now it's anything I can find.

As far as I'm concerned, kids get better stories than adults do.  No horrific violence.  No heaving breasts.  No mid-30s-woman-putting-her-life-back-together-after-divorce-and-inevitably-involving-a-circle-of-girlfriends-(one-of-whom-will-get-cancer).  No heroine standing in front of the mirror and describing her appearance.  No misery-memoirs (fabricated or otherwise).  No look-how-my-southern-family-messed-up-my-life retrospectives.  Just originality and story.   

I may be old enough for reading glasses (sigh), but my literary TASTE certainly isn't. 


Melodye Ray said...

A good read is a good read!

LoriU said...

I got hooked on the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini... had to wait for the last book to come out, like forever!

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