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Sharing the Artistry

Today we went to the Idaho Artistry in Wood show today.  Just a fraction of the amazing work:

Let The Gardening Games Begin!

I have planted lettuce, spinach, and kale!
Which is the most excitement kale really ever gets, isn't it?  We've had such warm weather and they're so cold-hardy that I could have put them in a few weeks ago, but it's still early enough that the "old saws" will be lining up to tell me how wrong I am.  Whatever--it works every year, and while we're hearing how I shouldn't do this or that, we're usually harvesting the lettuce that isn't supposed to grow.  Our temperatures are rising drastically every year, and last year our final frost was a full month earlier than average and it's going to be even warmer this year.  I need to get some cleanup done in the greenhouse, and it will be time to get starts going in there--YIKES!  Where does the time go?

Between fungus and scorching temperatures, we're going to cut back on tomatoes this year.  It's just too hot for them unless they get shade, so I'm taking a break from even trying to grow…

Valentine's Day On the Town

While I'm not a fan of Valentine's day, Sundays are fun days to be out and about--especially now that I can be out and about.  We picked up my cousin for lunch, then we all went to a local winery for a wine and chocolate tasting
then burned off the wine and sugar high by browsing thrift stores (charity shops).  I can't tell you why, but this is something the 3 of us just love to do.  We always find fun stuff--toys we used to have, at least one or two things we can't identify, and, of course, always a few useful items.  I was delighted to find this:
which needs to be repainted and is lacking 2 little screws, but will be some wonderful wall-mounted storage in the sewing room.  We also found these,
which are actually really cheap frames but will make a great display of some of Andy's photographs.  And this lovely tray,
 will either have the tarnish removed if I can, and if I can't, will be painted with chalkboard paint and be useful for parties.  Either way, a gre…

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
which used to be one of my favorite days in grade school.  We'd make boxes or envelopes, pick out Valentines (which luckily didn't promote movies yet), then give them to every single classmate during an afternoon school party.  Mom made us give one to every classmate--even those we didn't actually like--so it was a holiday for everyone.

I've been much less of a fan as an adult.  If you're in a relationship, how valuable is it if your partner gives you flowers because it's expected?  If you're not in a relationship, it's the ultimate boy-do-you-not-fit-in-because-you're-single day of the year.  Well Ihave a lot of great friends who are wonderful people but not in relationships.  I think we should go back to the way it was in grade school--just a fun day to celebrate with friends.  So to all my friends--single, married, dating, divorced, whatever--Happy Valentine's Day!  Who better to love than one's friends?


We went snowshoeing today!
and judging by how much the snow changed in just one week, winter is ending early even in the mountains thanks to extremely high temperatures for this time of year--which is our new norm.  I've snowshoed several times in the past, but had never bought snowshoes as I don't like it as well as cross-country skiing, but it DOES make it easier to get off-trail, and our friends have really gotten into it, so I ordered some snowshoes and this was their inaugural run. 

We had taken skis as well, as we were going to do a short loop with skis then switch to snowshoes, but the snow had melted so much and refrozen that it was ICE, and it was just too slick for safe skiing without skins, so it worked out well.  The day was beautiful
and we were able to get into some remoter places.  We even figured out how to take a "selfie" with Andy's new camera:
This week temperatures are supposed to reach a VERY unseasonal 60 degrees, so the days of snow sports …

We Went Cross Country Skiing Today!!!!!!!


My Taste Didn't Grow Up

Thanks to our library's app, I can download and listen to audio books on my phone, which is the first thing that's made me really happy about upgrading to a "smartphone."  What makes this setup even better is that I can listen to kid's books without anyone knowing.

Yep, I'm 45 and I listen to children's books.

At first it was just the ones that I thought were "classics" but that I had missed:  Pinnochio, Anne of Green Gables, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Then I moved on to the Percy Jackson series that one of our nephews was really into.  Then on to the sequel series.  Now it's anything I can find.

As far as I'm concerned, kids get better stories than adults do.  No horrific violence.  No heaving breasts.  No mid-30s-woman-putting-her-life-back-together-after-divorce-and-inevitably-involving-a-circle-of-girlfriends-(one-of-whom-will-get-cancer).  No heroine standing in front of the mirror and describing her appearance.  No misery-…