Monday, September 17, 2007


On their way out of Canada, Andy and Joyce found a business with a payphone and a fax, so Sunday I received a phone call asking me to fax copies of Andy's birth certificate, passport, and our marriage license (to explain why he is traveling with my passport or to let them know if they didn't let him back in the US, there would be a very irate woman in Idaho they would have to deal with--not sure which). Faxing on a Sunday can be a challenge--my office is several miles away and while I know how to arm the security system, I do not know how to disarm it and didn't want to make a strange situation worse by having Andy get home and find his wife incarcerated for breaking & entering. Luckily, I am a woman who can work Google and found an e-fax program. It took several tries--including me having to locate Andy's NEW passport (which at least explains the "why-couldn't-you-tell-the-difference-from-the-covers" question, but doesn't help with the "why-wouldn't-you-check" one), Andy finally had all the documentation we could find and said he would either call from the next stop in the States or from a detention center in Canada, and they were off.

It turns out, customs may be sexist.

Example one: Toni, taller than most residents of Mexico and paler than most residents of anywhere, has to keep filling out form after form on their honeymoon because she is traveling with a birth certificate and driver's license instead of a passport.

Example two: Andy, scruffy & seriously filthy after 10 days in the Canadian wilderness, reenters the US without even having to explain why he has a woman's passport and is asked only for his driver's license.

Don't get me wrong--I'm delighted they let him back into the country & will be really glad when he's home, but some tiny part of me is a little chapped that I seem to be the more suspicious character in this marriage.....

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mistressofwinter43 said...

yes i know what you mean my son was going to go in too Canada for a few weeks and they would not let him in because he did not have enough money on him to last him 6 months and for only three weeks they wanted him too have at least 100.00 a week for six week on him. So he could not get in. he is now living in Pembina North Dakota. Where i sence have moved too as well. and sence we have been here for the past three years we have helped several people that has been turned a way from the boarder as well with the most dumb reasons. so yes i baleave any thing can happen when it come too getting in too Canada.

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