Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Call For Help!!!!!


All I need to complete Andy's Christmas gift is one yard of this fabric. I found it at a Joann's store in Ontario, Oregon. It is a 45" wide flannel. Between my friends and I, we have been to 9 stores (Idaho, Oregon, New Jersey, and California) looking for one more yard and have not found it! Uranium is easier to find.

If anyone can find it, I need one yard and I will send you the money and a knitted hat or scarf as a Thank You. I just need sleeves!!!!


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Sally T. said...

If I get to Joann's in the next couple days, I'll certainly look.

I did my Pi shawl with variegated yarn. On the Elizabeth's Year knitalong site, you can see how it turned out under Sally's Stuff in the photos. I didn't like it at first(was I making a map of the world, or what?), but have had so many compliments, I've decided it's pretty cool. Good luck with your own.
Sally T.

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