Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soup Night Returns!

Several years ago I read an article in a magazine about a woman who hosted an open house in her home each month as a way to keep in touch with friends on a regular but informal basis. She served homemade soup and people could drop by, chat--it sounded like such a great idea that I decided to try it.

Of course, the article left out a few key points:

* Do not make soup containing rice or pasta. It's going to sit on the stove on low for 2 1/2 hours, and unless you can pass it off as risotto to the last arrivals, it's going to be really bad soup by the end of the party.

* Soup in the summer just doesn't sound appealing and not everyone likes cold soup--me among them.

* Not everyone can guarantee to be home at a certain time every month.

Still, Soup Night was a fun way to see friends & a nice chance to socialize on those off months that have very little else going on (January, February), but when Andy and I got engaged and started the selling houses/buying a house process, Soup Night got scrapped for the lack of being able to guarantee where we would be living from month to month (during the housing boom 3 years ago, both houses sold in less than 48 hours and closed in less than 30 days, so life was pretty frantic. Believe me--that's not a complaint. It was just frantic). But now that we're settled and Andy is working from home, we've decided to revive Soup Night and the first one was Monday night!

And was there any question as to what was on the menu?????

Tomato soup, of course!!!


Mandy said...

What a lovely idea.

Ilix said...

We do something like that at my parents' home the last Sunday night of each month... barring holidays. We all bring a dish and my parents supply the main course... we sit and chat and catch up. I love it. We have been doing it for almost 7 years now. Keep it up, you won't be sorry!


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