Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Little Gardening Set-Back

Last night we had a late frost, so we diligently covered all the beds, including the front flower bed, with plastic sheeting.  For the most part, we were successful.  The cinnamon basil,
which is probably THE least cold-hardy plant we have, didn't make it (though it's not a huge thing as I still have 2 more that I didn't plant yet.  I think we lost two regular basil plants,
 but I think the others will survive.
 The biggest cucumber is looking bad this morning,
 but he was sort of anomaly anyway.  I transplanted it three times without problem, so obviously it was a freak and probably wasn't long-destined for the world anyway.  The other cucumbers seem fine:
There were lots of comments in the paper today about how "silly" people were to plant before June 1 (even though we're in hardiness Zone 6 now--not 5 anymore!), but we're not bothered.  Coping with one frost in order to gain about a full month of produce seems a great exchange to me. 

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