Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 - A Craving

So far, I think we're doing well. Sure, I have dreams about Diet Pepsi, but less often. The excitement of trying the "fruits" of my canning efforts certainly helps--not to mention the fact that I'm saving up my last cheat for this week to perhaps get a soda on Saturday.....

We're still doing a lot of cooking--especially as there are few other options. It does certainly help to have a freezer full of options. After a LONG search at the store, I found an allowable Italian sausage, so last night Andy decided to make pizza. It was a chance to open a can of my pizza sauce, so I was all for it.

Did you know that even small to medium-sized pizzas use more than a cup of sauce? I didn't. We're not exactly sure what the pizza sauce tasted like as I'd only dug out a half-pint jar. We'll try again later with two jars, and if we like it I'll be canning pint jars full this summer.

Andy is still learning to cook, so his experiments are far weirder than mine. The pizza was pretty decent, although personally I'd have skipped putting pepperoncinis on it. I think we've now adopted a "cooking pickled things in general is bad" rule, but his experiments have led him to a really tremendous pizza crust, so it evens out. It wasn't our best meal, but at least it wasn't cheating.

Today I was in the mood for chocolate, which doesn't happen very often. I do generally keep a few sweets hidden around the house--Andy doesn't like the temptation and I can scrounge them out on the rare occasions I am in the mood for sweets. We had no allowable chocolate however, so I was reduced to the drastic measure of baking a cake!

With Theo looking on
(unaware that his next hydrotherapy session is tomorrow), I made the "Perfectly Chocolate" chocolate cake on the back of the cocoa tin (which incidentally, only contains cocoa). It might indeed be perfectly chocolate, but it came out looking very strange:

It looked even stranger while it was cooking, but it's hard to take a picture of something in an oven. It did at least rise--the last chocolate cake I attempted didn't, and we had to pass it off as "brownies." I don't know what it is about me and baking desserts, but they almost always come out wrong--or at least "interesting." There was the 2-layer cake without baking powder, the sugar cookies that became one giant cookie in the oven, an angel food cake that had to be converted into bizarre cookies because I got the liquids wrong, a scorched banana cream pie, fudge that was so hard it had to be chiseled out of the pan, and a cheesecake that I somehow dumped water on while it was baking (I've wisely blocked out most of the details). But through all my botched dessert efforts, I have learned one thing:

Frosting covers a multitude of blunders.

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Georgi said...

Darn, now I want a pice of cholocate and ther is none in the house. I wonder if I want it bad enough to make a cake????


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