Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saving Public Television

Tomorrow the United States House of Representatives will be voting on a REPUBLICAN sponsored bill to eliminate--not just cut--federal funding for public broadcasting.  For most of us who understand that one doesn't get unbiased information from any source that depends on ratings and advertising dollars, it is the only source of information that truly is fair and unbiased.  If Republicans are successful, they will have stifled the voice of sanity and the propaganda machine that is Fox and all the other "news" sources owned by Rupurt Murdoch will be more powerful than ever, not to mention that the Republicans are not proposing ANYTHING to take the place of such terrific programs for children as Sesame Street.  

Please take just a few seconds to contact your elected representatives here:

The voice of reason has been silent for too long in America.  It is time to be heard.


Mandy said...

Good luck with this. It sounds rather a scary move.
Sorry I can't help - I'm in the UK.

Alacaeriel said...

Another comment of agreement from overseas - I'm in Australia. Seriously, good luck!

Ilix said...

That is the scariest thing I have heard in ages! Who would do that?
Post a call out on ravelry?
I'm in Canada and can't help either!


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